Defend Palestinian life from Israel’s colonialism

Protest image reading Defend Masafer Yatta: Stop the Israeli government from destroying Palestinian homes

From Palestine to around the world, the aim of colonialism is to steal native land—and to destroy the very fabric of community life in the process.

“The brutal Zionist occupation wants to strip us of our lives. It demolishes houses, puts restrictions on people’s movement, demolishes schools and confiscates teachers’ cars. Everything that is Palestinian is subjected to its persecution and brutality. … It is trying to eradicate life from Masafer Yatta.”
Raed Hudaib, the school principal of the Khallet ad-Dabe’ village in Masafer Yatta

In the village of Khallet ad-Dabe’ in Masafer Yatta, 90 Palestinian people are resisting Israel’s plans to demolish their homes and remove them from their ancestral homeland, which could happen at any time after an Israeli colonial court ruling took effect Thursday.

"Even though they are still young, they are aware of what is happening around them. Students say if the occupation demolishes our school, they won't stop coming to learn. We can set a tent up or use a cave." -Raed Hudaib, principal of the elementary school in Khallet Ad-Dabe', over a picture of him and a photo of Palestinian children holding up victory sign to helicopterIn a violent weekend and Monday morning, Israeli forces brutally attacked Palestinian protesters in Khallet ad-Dabe’, killed 17-year-old Fayez Khaled Mahmoud Damdoum in Jerusalem, and shot dead 18-year-old Bassel Qassem Basbous and 21-year-old Khaled Fadi Anbar in their car near Ramallah.

The Palestinian people continue to resist in the face of Israel’s brutal violence. Together, people around the world have rallied along with them to defend Masafer Yatta—and your actions are a meaningful part of that force for justice.

Longtime Palestinian activist Hafez Huraini is now free after he was attacked by Israeli settlers in Masafer Yatta, arrested by Israeli soldiers, and later subjected to interrogation along with his son Mohammad—all Israeli intimidation attempts to silence his resistance.

Cat, we must keep up the fight for the long haul. You can defend Khallet ad-Dabe’ by contacting your representative now.

You can also find more resources, including sample social media posts, by scrolling down in this toolkit from our partners at Stop the Wall.

In the U.S., we have the power to stop Israel’s massive violence. The U.S. government is the Israeli military’s greatest funder and enabler, pouring in at least $3.8 billion a year. If we can force the U.S. to stop funding Israel, we can halt the bombs, bulldozers, and weapons Israel uses to kill and remove the Palestinian people from their homeland.

Defend Masafer Yatta and all of Palestine! Keep pushing for justice until we end U.S. military funding for Israel’s massive violence, once and for all.