Democrats can’t lead the Trump resistance while repressing BDS


You’re raising your voices about US-Israel policy, Congress is hearing you, and AIPAC is on notice. Your voice is crucial: one of your members of Congress is a democrat who is cosponsoring a bill to jail BDS supporters for 20 years. Click here to tell them that no democrat can lead the Trump resistance while repressing BDS.

We’re asking you to call because we know that pressure works! From Gaithersburg, MD to Memphis, TN to Portland, OR and half a dozen cities in between, US Campaign member groups are putting Palestine on the congressional agenda. New Yorkers mobilized so successfully that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) removed her name from the Israel Anti-Boycott Act -an unprecedented act for AIPAC-sponsored legislation.

AIPAC hastily sent an action alert, letting their supporters know that Gillibrand’s withdrawal “sen[t] a powerful message to her constituents that she no longer supports the fight to combat the international delegitimization of Israel” (AIPAC’s euphemism for our calls to demand that Israel abide by international law and grant Palestinians their human rights).

Not only did your collective outcry drown out AIPAC, but it also led the way for numerous progressive groups like the ACLU, Amnesty International, CREDO, and MoveOn to support the struggle for Palestinian rights.

Your voice is crucial to advance support for the BDS movement and Palestinian rights. Congress needs to hear the reasons why we support the Palestinian boycott call: freedom, justice, and equality. Here’s what you can do:

1. Call Congress: Support the people-powered resistance by clicking here to make a phone call opposing the Israel Anti-Boycott Act right now. Can’t call? Use the same tool to send an email.

2. Spread the word: Share these social media posts to spread the word about our resistance targeting Congress.

3. Organize: Fill out this form ASAP to help us keep the pressure on Congress to support Palestinian human rights, and we’ll be in touch about advocacy opportunities in your district as they arise.

This past week has proved that your voice matters. Thank you for powering the resistance.


Government Affairs Associate