Call now: Justice for Gaza cannot wait


These past few days, Palestinian people in Gaza have lived through a horrific waking nightmare—as Israel ruthlessly bombed them, killing at least 45 Palestinian people and wounding at least 350 people. Each Palestinian life is precious, and together we grieve the loss of every martyr killed.

Israel’s violent assault on Gaza never should have happened. The brutal Israeli regime never should have attacked Palestinian people, in what was a reprehensible ploy to gain popularity ahead of elections. Every Palestinian person Israel murdered should still be alive with their families today, thriving in health and safety in a free Palestine.

We must fight for this future with the Palestinian people on the ground who resist Israel’s colonial violence every day.

You can start by telling Congress to take immediate action for Gaza with this call tool from Jewish Voice for Peace Action.

Long after the bombs pause, Israel’s oppression continues to create everyday crisis in Gaza. Palestinian people in Gaza are living with the repercussions of Israel’s bombings and 15-year blockade: Massively destroyed infrastructure. 97% of water undrinkable. Severely limited electricity, down to a few hours a day after the fuel-deprived power plant shut down. Hospitals and health services that struggle to operate and save lives.

“A power cut in these circumstances fills you up with anger,” Khaled Hassan, a 33-year old father in Gaza City, told Mondoweiss. “Your food won’t keep in the fridge, you can’t turn on the light as the bombs go off around you in darkness, and you can’t cool your children, who don’t understand what’s going on, except that they’re now living in fear and darkness.”

Humanitarian aid, which is merely a band-aid, can’t come anywhere close to fixing this crisis. Only real political action can stop Israel from continuing to kill and harm Palestinian people in Gaza.

We need to end Israel’s inhumane blockade and end the U.S. military funding that fuels Israel’s violence.

You can also raise your voice on social media. Share this “What’s Happening in Gaza” resource on Instagram and ask your friends and followers to take action with you now.