As If Gov. Cuomo’s Anti-BDS Order Wasn’t Enough

New Yorkers protest Cuomo's anti-BDS order in Mt. Kisco.

NY City Council Committee to Vote on Anti-BDS Resolution Thursday

Earlier this year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an Executive Order mandating that New York state agencies divest from companies supporting the Palestinian civil society-led movement for freedom, justice and equality.

Cuomo did so unilaterally because similar legislation was bottled up in the state legislature in Albany, thanks to the effective grassroots lobbying efforts of the Freedom to Boycott in New York coalition and supporters like you.

Now the New York City Council is jumping on the anti-boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) bandwagon.

This Thursday, September 8, the council’s Contracts Committee will debate and vote on a resolution—1058-A—condemning BDS.

Just as you effectively lobbied your state legislators not to pass anti-BDS legislation, let’s show the New York City Council how much community support exists in support of Palestinian freedom, justice and equality.

Join our friends at the NY4Palestine coalition and the Freedom to Boycott in NY coalition to pack the city council committee meeting, speak in support of Palestinian freedom, justice and equality, and help defeat this resolution!

Here are the details from the organizers:

Thursday, September 8

9:00 AM-Press conference on the steps of City Hall.
Bring banners and signs, but no wooden or metal sticks or posts.

10:00 AM-Hearing in the City Council chambers.
The hearing is open to the public and you should be able to sign up that morning to give testimony. We do not know how long the hearing will go for or how long you might have to wait to give your testimony. If you do sign up and have your comments written out please bring enough copies to give to the council members as well as to share with the press. Please note: we are not organizing a disruption of the hearing.

And we’ll be distributing these “I Support Palestinian Human Rights” signs and stickers for you at the press conference.

For directions to get to City Hall, please click here.

And here’s contact info for the seven city council members on this committee. Please also call and write them to express your opposition to Resolution #1058-A.

Chair: Helen K. Rosenthal, (212) 788-6975,

Peter A. Koo, 212-788-7022,
Ruben Wills, 212-788-6850
Costa G. Constantinides, 212-788-6963,
Chaim M. Deutsch, 212-788-7360,
Corey D. Johnson, 212- 788-6979,
I. Daneek Miller, 212-788-7084,

Thanks for taking action to show your support for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality! Your efforts make a difference.

joshbooktourJosh Ruebner
Policy Director