ACTION ALERT: Palestinians sue Biden for complicity in genocide


Today, Palestinian people in Gaza and the U.S. filed a federal lawsuit against President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Austin for their complicity in the unfolding Gaza genocide.

The Center for Constitutional Rights filed the case for violations of international law, after warning the U.S. government of Israel’s intention to commit a genocide.Take action now to raise the pressure. Tell our highest-level U.S. government elected officials: YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN GENOCIDE. 


As President Biden callously dismisses any possibility of a ceasefire, 2.2 million Palestinian people in Gaza are living through genocide in real time.

The horrors unfolding are beyond inhumane, with 11,000+ Palestinian people already murdered, bodies piling up in mass graves, and premature infants fighting for their lives after Israel cut off fuel. Amid a communications blackout, we are only hearing a fraction of the atrocities the Israeli military is committing.

Every Palestinian life—every child, and every adult—is precious and must be protected.

The Biden administration has not only failed to prevent a genocide, but has actively aided and abetted it, helping to advance the gravest of crimes.

President Biden has spent his efforts blocking a ceasefire so Israel can continue mass killing Palestinian people. He has promised to send another $14.1 billion in weapons to Israel to fuel genocide.

Stop the killing now! Tell Biden, Blinken, and Austin they must call for an immediate ceasefire and end all U.S. complicity in Israel’s massive violence. 


In Geneva four weeks ago, as I testified to the UN Human Rights Committee, I named what we all know: This is genocide. U.S. politicians have emboldened Israel to commit it. And it must be stopped.

The Biden administration has a moral and legal duty to stop this genocide—a duty they have failed in.

Don’t let them off the hook. Hold them accountable. Expose their complicity. Raise your voice now, and keep taking action every day to resist genocide.

Onward to liberation,

AHMAD ABUZNAID, Executive Director

P.S. Take action to stop the Gaza genocide! Join the power hour with Center for Constitutional Rights attorneys and Palestinian clients behind this lawsuit on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 12 PM ET.