Steering Committee

Steering Committee members are elected to three-year staggered terms by US Campaign member groups. Organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only; Steering Committee members serve in their individual capacities. A Steering Committee member’s term ends in the year indicated in parentheses.

Mike Merryman-Lotze (2017)- US Campaign Co-Chair

Sandra Tamari (2018)- US Campaign Co-Chair, St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee

Bina Ahmad (2019)

Andrew Kadi (2019)

Nasser Barghouti (2019)- San Diego BDS

Nadia Ben-Youssef (2018)-  Adalah- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

Manal Fakhoury (2017)- Fakhoury Leadership International

Rahim Kurwa (2017)UCLA Students for Justice in Palestine 

Sydney Levy (2017)- Jewish Voice for Peace

Bekah Wolf (2018)- Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine

Rena Zuabi (2019)