‘A Giant Step Toward Peace’? Critics, Including Members of the Israeli Knesset, See the US Peace Plan as a Failure.


USCPR Executive Director Yousef Munayyer was quoted by Business Insider in their coverage of the Trump administration’s apartheid plan.

[Munayyer] agreed that the plan is a non-starter, saying that such a description would be “generous.”

“It has nothing to do whatsoever with advancing peace…But the principle here [in the current plan] is the same principle that underpinned previous American approaches. That principle is that the rights of the Palestinian people are inferior to the rights of Israelis.”


In response to the false claim that the economic components of the plan are crucial for Palestinians:

Munayyer…said that Palestinian “freedom is not for sale.”

“You can’t buy your way out of this, and it is at the end of the day fundamentally an issue of peoples’ basic rights being denied,” he added.