304 U.S. orgs #StandWithThe6 in letter to Biden administration


300+ U.S.-based social justice, civil rights, and human rights organizations, as well as 200+ leaders, have signed an urgent letter to Secretary Blinken to #StandWithThe6, declaring their solidarity with the six Palestinian human rights organizations under Israeli assault. We are proud to have worked with the Center for Constitutional Rights, Jewish Voice for Peace Action, and Adalah Justice Project to organize solidarity from partners like Justice Democrats, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam America, and the Movement for Black Lives, alongside partners across many other movements and communities.

In a moment when the Israeli apartheid regime is attempting to criminalize any human rights work that dares to hold Israel accountable, we’re fighting back together, and we won’t be silenced.

Your grassroots outrage is already forcing action. Progressive members of Congress just introduced the #StandWithThe6 resolution, H.Res. 751, to defend these six esteemed organizations, which are known for powerfully documenting Israeli human rights abuses, supporting Palestinian farmers and advancing grassroots feminist organizing, and advocating at the UN and other international arenas.

Right now, you can help raise the pressure on Congress. Tell your representative to sign on to the #StandWithThe6 resolution today! Then, send a message to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, asking the Biden administration to condemn this act of repression by Israel.

If members of Congress and the Biden administration claim to care about human rights, then it’s far past time for them to challenge Israeli apartheid. Thank you for calling out our elected officials and demanding they uphold human rights at this critical moment.

On social media? Declare that you #StandWithThe6 and call on the Biden administration to respond to this urgent letter! Use the toolkit at bit.ly/SharePalOrgsLetter.