Cecilie Surasky


Cecilie Surasky is the founding communications director of Jewish Voice for Peace and longtime former deputy director, and now works with a range of Palestinian rights organizations. Cecilie works to both educate and inspire, and has given trainings and talks to numerous audiences on topics including white supremacy, settler colonialism and the special relationship with Israel; the fundamentals of effective political messaging; the power, art and science of storytelling; building power through communications strategy; grassroots fundraising and movement-building; media 101; building digital campaigns and social media; values-based communication about boycott, divestment and sanctions, and censorship in the Jewish community. Cecilie has spoken at numerous conferences including NTEN, Netroots, Rachel Corrie Foundation, GIFT fundraising conference, FOSNA and JVP.

Location: Bay Area, CA

Areas of Expertise: Palestine messaging and political persuasion fundamentals; communication campaigns and strategy;  grassroots fundraising and movement-building; social media and digital campaigning; public speaking; censorship

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