TAKE ACTION: Congress Voting on Pro-Settlement Resolutions!

On December 23, the United States abstained on UN Security Council Resolution 2334, reiterating the illegality of Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory, thereby allowing the resolution to pass.

On January 5, the House passed a resolution 342-80 objecting to the UN vote and providing political backing for Israel’s ongoing colonization of Palestinian land. A similar Senate resolution could be voted on any day.

Please contact your Members of Congress right now to support or oppose their positions on these resolutions. Enter your zip code below to find out how your Representative voted and if your Senators are cosponsors.

WATCH: Reps. speak out against pro-Israeli settlement resolution.

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Read more about our position on these resolutions in these talking points for the Senate and House.

Read our action alerts on these resolutions (January 17), (January 10), and (January 4).

Read the full text of H.Res.11 and find out how your Representative voted.

Read the full text of S.Res.6 and find out if your Senators have cosponsored it.

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