Senate Votes to Support 50 Years of Israeli Occupation of East Jerusalem

On Monday, June 5, the Senate voted 90-0 on a resolution (S.Res.176) supporting the 50th anniversary of what it terms Israel’s “reunification of Jerusalem.” The resolution incorrectly claims Palestinians enjoy freedom of worship in the city, omits mention of Israel’s violations of international law in Jerusalem and its discrimination against Palestinian residents, and calls on the president to move the US embassy there.

There is a similar resolution in the House (H.Res.328) which may be voted on soon as well. While it’s too late to contact your Senators, please contact your Representative¬†today to oppose this resolution.

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Read our policy paper, Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem: Historical, Legal and Policy Considerations, to learn more about why it would be a grave mistake for the Trump administration to move the US Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Read our talking points on S.Res.176 and H.Res.328.

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