G4S: Securing Injustice

bds-g4sG4S is a British private security company that helps Israel run prisons where Palestinian political prisoners are detained.

Each year the Israeli army arrests thousands of Palestinians in an attempt to suppress any opposition to its continued occupation and apartheid policies. They are arrested under Israeli military orders that prohibit basic civil, cultural, and political rights such as the attendance of demonstrations, membership of political organizations, and the writing of slogans on the Apartheid Wall.

G4S Israel provides security apparatus, surveillance systems, and maintenance services to Israeli incarceration facilities inside Israel and the occupied West Bank where Palestinian political prisoners are held, oftentimes tortured. The company also provides scanners to Israeli military checkpoints and security services in illegal Israeli settlements.

G4S operates in 120 countries, making it the largest private security company worldwide. In the US, G4S operates privatized juvenile detention facilities and works alongside Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection to detain and deport people across the U.S./Mexico border.

Member group Friends of Sabeel-North America has put together resources and more to help groups launch local divestment campaigns targeting G4S.

To learn more about Palestinian prisoners, visit the website of Addameer: Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.



G4Sfacts.org documents the various injustices perpetrated by G4S, ranging from its complicity in Israel’s oppression of Palestinian prisoners to its transportation of undocumented immigrants in the United States, a service it brands as “The Bus No One Wants to Catch – The End of the Road for Illegal Immigrants.” It is co-hosted by groups working on a range of issues related to G4S such as prison divestment and immigrant rights including Dream Defenders, Enlace, Hands Up United, and Palestinian Youth Movement.