Holiday Season Boycott Action Kit


Take Action This Holiday Season

With holiday season upon us, people will be spending plenty of time shopping for gifts and more. It is the perfect time to inform shoppers, store owners, and passers by about Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights through the complicity of corporate brands and highlight how the struggle for Palestinians freedom, justice, and equality is a local issue that they can impact positively through their power as consumers.

Below are ideas and resources for you to plan actions at shopping malls, public markets, and more.

First up: how are these brands are complicit in Israeli apartheid? Click on “Brands Complicit in Israeli Apartheid” to find out!

Brands Complicit in Israeli Apartheid

  1. Flyer outside of malls where plenty of products from companies complicit in Israel’s war crimes are sold. Scroll down for graphics you can download.
  2. Hold a teach-in with local store owners to help them understand the need to deshelve such products. Let this be the beginning of a local boycott campaign! Check out our BDS toolkit for more resources.
  3. Go BDS holiday caroling. Find examples of songs here and here.
  4. Plan flash mobs, street theater, or other creative actions. Get inspiration from these actions in the past.
  5. Take action on social media.
    • Declare your support for ongoing boycott campaigns- see this call to action about Puma.
    • Post the graphics below highlighting corporate complicity in Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights on you social media profiles.
    • Sample language for post: This holiday season, keep apartheid out of your shopping cart! Learn more at
    • Follow USCPR on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for more action ideas throughout the holiday season.

Flash Mob Inspiration