We won’t be silenced! Resisting Nakba erasure on Capitol Hill


At last night’s event on Capitol Hill, we heard the stories of Nakba survivors, we cried over poems dedicated to our mothers and homeland, and we defined our freedom as a community. 

They tried to displace us, but it didn’t work.

Our story is ours to tell. While House Speaker Kevin McCarthy attempted to interfere by removing this 75th Nakba anniversary commemoration from its original location, justice prevailed and we steadfastly moved forward in a packed Senate room.

We proved our Palestinian voices will not be silenced, and our Palestinian history will not be erased.

USCPR is proud to be one of nine cosponsors of this 75th Nakba anniversary commemoration on Capitol Hill. The event shared the oft-erased history of the 1948 Nakba—in which Israeli militias forced out 75% of the native Palestinian population—with personal stories of Nakba survivors like Dr. Abed Musa.

And it named that the Nakba has continued happening ever since. In this moment, Israel is bombing Gaza and massacring Palestinian families right now.

Special guest Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced a historic resolution to commemorate the Nakba, demanding the U.S. government end its complicity in Israel’s ongoing violence.

We’re living through a pivotal moment in history and the fight for justice.

Today, we are watching Gaza as Israel continuously rains down bombs on our Palestinian people living trapped under siege, and we are grieving the 29 Palestinian people killed such as 5-year-old Hajar Khalil Salah el-Bahtini.

And today, we are holding the memory of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who the Israeli military assassinated one year ago. We must demand justice for her murder, and keep fighting for Palestinian life in her honor.

We’re also witnessing vicious anti-Palestinian racism, including denial of the Nakba, at the very moment Israel is massacring our people in Gaza, on the cusp of the 75th Nakba anniversary. So let’s raise our voices all the louder.

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Together we’ll keep resisting Nakba erasure and Israel’s massive violence, until liberation and return.