We won, again! A victory in the courts for Palestinian rights

STAND ALONE IGFB - Lawsuit Oral Arguments January 2023

Three years ago, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) attacked USCPR’s advocacy for Palestinian human rights and our broader movement with a baseless lawsuit. Already dismissed in our favor, the lawsuit nonetheless dragged on.

Now, we won, again! The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the JNF’s ridiculous lawsuit, calling the allegations “nothing more than guilt by association.” This moment affirms our bold work for Palestinian liberation—and the fact justice is on our side.

Over the past three years, your steadfast commitment to USCPR allowed us to stay focused on our work: struggling together toward justice and freedom for the Palestinian people. Thank you so much for your critical support.

Let’s rededicate ourselves to this fight, until liberation and return.

Because you and I both know this won’t be the last lawfare case targeting Palestinian rights advocates. And as Israel ramps up repression, bombing Gaza last night after causing the death of defiant hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, we must keep fighting.

This lawsuit was meant to silence us, so let’s raise our voices loud. Share this news on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, or by emailing this post.

USCPR’s victory in this case, and other cases like it, is a testament to our movement’s growing power.

Just weeks ago, the American Studies Association won a dismissal of a similar lawsuit challenging the ASA’s endorsement of the academic boycott of Israel. Meanwhile, a George Washington University independent investigation determined the claims against Arab psychology professor Lara Sheehi were unfounded.

That’s three wins—a string of victories against lawfare—siding with Palestinian rights advocates in just the past three months.

The courts are seeing through these baseless, politically motivated lawfare attacks designed to harass advocates for their support of Palestinian rights.

Power and gratitude to our legal team at the Center for Constitutional Rights, for their tireless efforts and incredible advocacy on our behalf.

You can celebrate with us, resist with us, and support the next wave of activists bringing us closer to liberation. Thank you for being with us in this fight.