Trees for Life

The olive harvest in Palestine is one of the most significant cultural and economic activities of the year. Olive trees symbolize the Palestinian connection to the land, and they also provide livelihoods and sustenance for thousands of farming families.
Olive trees are synonymous with Palestinian resistance and resilience – and that makes them a target of the brutal Israeli occupation. Since 1967, Israel has destroyed at least 800,000 olive trees, equal to more than 33 Central Parks.
That’s why every year, USCPR partners with the Palestinian Fair Trade Association (PFTA) on the Trees for Life program.
Through Trees for Life, every donation of $25 plants an olive sapling in Palestine and supports our work for justice here in the US. Your contribution to Trees for Life roots resistance for generations to come, and supports Palestinian farmers who are young, women, have small groves, or who have lost trees to the occupation.

Besides making a gift yourself, an easy way for you to root resistance, support our work, and plant olive tree saplings in Palestine is by doing a Facebook fundraiser!

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is an easy way to make an immediate impact by planting olive trees in Palestine and telling your friends about a cause that’s important to you! The funds you raise will provide sustenance to Palestinian farmers and help USCPR carry on our work for freedom, justice, and equality.

Download our Trees for Life Facebook Fundraiser toolkit that has step-by-step instructions, images, and sample posts!

Click on the images above to download them to add a special touch to your Facebook fundraiser.