Action Toolkit: There’s No Pride in Apartheid!

No Pride in Apartheid graphic with pride in rainbow colors, including a watermelon element. #FreePalestine

By Cat Knarr, USCPR Communications Director

This Pride month is a time for bold resistance and healing love. For celebrating queer joy, for protecting our trans kin including youth and Black trans women, for resisting Israeli apartheid and the U.S. police, and for living our fullest queer lives.

As a queer Palestinian and Colombian person, I’ve watched in rage as right-wing politicians have attacked our rights as LGBTQIA+ people, banning trans-affirming medical care, fomenting queerphobic rhetoric, and actively endangering my queer and trans loved ones.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen Zionists spew racist hate against us, wishing violent harm on queer Palestinians. The Israeli apartheid state surveils, blackmails, and harasses our queer Palestinian people. All while presenting a false image as a queer safe haven to cover up its violent colonialism—a practice known as pinkwashing.

And most recently, it has been especially hurtful to see queerphobic hatred from within own movement. We know queer and trans Palestinians face parallel struggles against apartheid Israel’s violent oppression, and against restrictive norms within their own society, the product of past British and ongoing Israeli colonialism.

Trans and queer liberation is part of our collective liberation, and there is no place in our movement for bigotry, ever.

Right now, it’s time to resist oppression and bigotry. After all, the first Pride was a riot, and it’s in that spirit that we rise up for our collective liberation. 

There’s no pride in apartheid, police violence, or transphobia!

You can take action now with our #NoPrideInApartheid toolkit, including these new posters. Print both for a double-sided poster!

Download posters and graphics.

Will you raise your voice to protect our queer and trans kin and to stop pinkwashing? You can print out these posters to take with you to pride marches and events, and you can post the graphic to social media with the #NoPrideInApartheid hashtag.

And there’s much more you can find in the new toolkit. With this action guide, you can call out BDS target corporations for pinkwashing on social media, share political education resources, and show your solidarity. Check out the No Pride In Apartheid toolkit now.

As Ghaith Hilal from the AlQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society said, “You cannot have queer liberation while apartheid, patriarchy, capitalism and other oppressions exist. It’s important to target the connections of these oppressive forces.”

Onward until liberation for us all.

Cat Knarr is the Communications Director at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

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