Take action: Free Palestine and fund our communities

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We are fighting for the same vision: A world where all people can live safe and free. A world where Palestine is liberated at last. A world where we #StopArmingIsrael, #StopCopCity, and instead reimagine how we can fund the vibrant future of our communities.

Today, four days before Tax Day, USCPR is launching a new, long-term campaign to end U.S. military funding to Israel, “Palestine Will Be Free: #StopArmingIsrael & Fund Our Communities.”

We’ve seen what happens when violent systems remain unchecked, and today, we’re thinking of every single person living with the repercussions of state violence.

We’re thinking of all our Palestinian people, who were brutally beaten by Israeli forces while praying inside Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and who felt their homes shake as Israeli bombs rained down in Gaza last week. We’re thinking of the Black Americans repeatedly targeted and killed by the U.S. police state, and the communities of color to be surveilled by the $90-million policing project Cop City in Atlanta. 

We’re thinking of every person who is courageously resisting.

We’re thinking of the liberated future we’re fighting for—and we know that justice is within reach when we collectively rise up together.

You can take a step toward that future right now. Tell your members of Congress to fund our communities instead of state violence.

Here’s the thing: This is only the first step of many on the road to liberation, and we need you with us for the long haul.

Through this campaign, we’ll build the people power necessary to make Congress #StopArmingIsrael—and we’ll keep pushing for as long as it takes.

The U.S. government is the Israeli military’s greatest funder, writing a blank check for $3.8 billion/year of your tax dollars to fund horrific violence.

Take action now! Tell Congress to stop perpetuating state violence and fund the critical resources our communities need.

Thank you for fighting with us for a better future. Onward to liberation.

SHARE NOW: Tax Day is in four days! You can help raise awareness about how our U.S. federal tax dollars fund Israel’s violence. Share this action tool on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter with the hashtag #StopArmingIsrael.