Gabi Kirk


Gabi Kirk is a PhD student in geography at the University of California Davis. Using critical and feminist methods, her research asks questions about how nature and power interact in settler-colonial contexts, particularly Palestine-Israel and California. She looks at Israel’s military effects on the environment, historically and today. She is particularly interested in the transnational indigenous liberation movement connection Palestine and Turtle Island (what is now the U.S.) and the backlash from Zionist organizing in the U.S. and Israel against indigenous solidarity. She is also interested in Palestinian native plants and agriculture. She is a former campus staffer for Jewish Voice for Peace and can speak to the history of U.S. Palestine solidarity student organizing, particularly Zionist backlash and false accusations of antisemitism and the racial politics of US campus organizing around Palestine. She can also speak to the racial dimensions of antisemitism in the US and false charges of antisemitism.

Location: Bay Area, CA

Areas of Expertise: History of U.S. BDS student organizing; Palestine and environmental justice; antisemitism and false charges

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