Nakba Day Action Kit

Take Action This Nakba Day (May 15)

On the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, with all eyes on Gaza, act now to demand our elected officials work to end ongoing US complicity in Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights.

Looking for ways to get involved this Nakba Day? Check out our ideas for ways to take strategic action that can effect change, resources to help you carry your energy and momentum forward, suggested social media posts, and even posters for you to download and print to take with you to the streets!

1. Host a vigil near your Member of Congress’ district office

Repeat the talking points (below) that connect the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians back to the US role in Israel’s continuing oppression. Read the names of Palestinians killed protesting in Gaza. Honor the villages depopulated in 1948 and name that most Palestinians in Gaza were forcibly expelled and are refugees. Read positive statements from other Members of Congress on the Great March of Return to encourage yours to join them. Tweet pictures and videos of your vigil using #GreatReturnMarch and #Nakba70.

2. Flood your Member of Congress’ inbox or phone lines

At your Nakba Day commemoration event, have everyone pick up their phones and go to to send a quick email. Or, better yet, use the same link to pull their office number and plan a call-in.

Talking Points for Visits, Emails, or Calls to Your Members of Congress

1. Palestinians, like everyone else, simply want to live freely and safely in their homes, to be treated equally in their country, and to give their children and families a brighter future.
From day one, Israel has been engaged in the relentless destruction of Palestinian communities, families, and way of life – erasing Palestinians and replacing them with Jewish Israelis. Today, Israel continues to systematically steal Palestinian land, destroy their homes, and revoke their residency rights, denying Palestinians the freedom to live with safety and security. After decades of having their rights denied, Palestinians are tired of waiting for politicians to do the right thing. They are taking to the streets and the courts, using boycotts and joining with other communities around the world to build a future where all live with freedom and full rights.

2. We’re standing up against US complicity for ongoing Israeli human rights violation in Gaza.
Israel receives $3.8 billion in taxpayer-funded weapons each year: There are US laws being ignored that prohibit these weapons from being used to commit human rights abuses. It is past time to end Israel’s impunity for its oppression of Palestinians.

3. We’re demanding our country respect Palestinian human rights.
Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere deserve the same rights that all people do, including the right to protest. Israeli snipers have gunned down upwards of 45 Palestinians for exercising that right. Israel’s use of excessive force here is par for the course, and it’s long past time that the US follow its own laws to ensure that US weapons aren’t facilitating continuing human rights abuses.

4. We’re amplifying Palestinian protest and the Palestinian call for the Right of Return.
Most Palestinians in Gaza are refugees, and they are simply asking for the right, enshrined in international law, to live on their own land. The Great March of Return continues the long legacy of creative Palestinian nonviolent resistance, from the general strike of the Arab Revolt in the 1930s to continuing resistance in West Bank villages such as Budrus, Nabi Saleh, and beyond.

Already plugged into an event? Download and print signs to take along!

Click on the thumbnails below for hi-resolution printable files.

Use our suggested social media posts to amplify messages in support of Palestinian rights.

  • Today, May 15, marks 70 years of Palestinian displacement and dispossession. Palestinian rights are human rights! #Nakba70 [click to tweet]
  • Israel continues to deny Palestinians their rights. As US taxpayers, we must demand that Congress call for a US investigation into Israel’s killing of Palestinians marching for their #RightofReturn in Gaza. #Nakba70 #GreatReturnMarch [click to tweet]
  • 70 years after the Nakba, Palestinians are still marching for their lives, freedom, and homes. I support their right to freedom, justice, and equality. #Nakba70 [click to tweet]
  • The US must respect Palestinian human rights. Palestinians, wherever they are, have the same rights as all people – including the right to protest without being killed for it. #Nakba70 [click to tweet]
  • Palestinians in Gaza are marching for their lives, their freedom and their homes after more than a decade under an illegal Israeli blockade that seals them off from the rest of the world. #GreatReturnMarch #Nakba70 [click to tweet]
  • The US is complicit in Israel’s human rights abuses, including the abuse and mistreatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system. TAKE ACTION to demand an end to it now! #NoWayToTreatAChild #Nakba70 [click to tweet]
  • 70 years after the Nakba, Palestinians are still being denied their rights. The majority are refugees. Most cannot travel freely and do not have freedom of movement. The Nakba is ongoing. #Nakba70 [click to tweet]
  • The Nakba is ongoing. Since 1948 and until today, Israel has never stopped displacing Palestinians and taking their land. #Nakba70 [click to tweet]
  • Today, Israel continues to systematically steal Palestinian land, destroy their homes, revoke their residency rights, and deny Palestinians the freedom to live with safety and security. The Nakba continues. #Nakba70 [click to tweet]

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