Raise Your Voice with Palestine: Demand better journalism


From the river to the sea, all of Palestine is resisting Israel’s brutal violence and colonialism now, as the Palestinian people have done for decades.

In another powerful general strike on Tuesday, schools, businesses, and government offices closed their doors, while Palestinian people in many towns and cities demonstrated at protests.

In Nablus, tens of thousands of mourners flooded the streets for the funeral procession of the five Palestinian people who Israeli occupation forces murdered during a massive invasion the night before. Israeli soldiers had also executed Qusai Tamimi as he was protesting in Nabi Saleh.

Yet how has the media covered Israel’s nightly invasions, attacks, and killings of 26 Palestinian people this month?

U.S. news outlets have been largely silent, in a dehumanizing media blackout that disrespects Palestinian life. In the coverage that does exist, reports lack any meaningful context of Israel’s recent aggression and 74-plus years of violent colonialism.

You can speak up now. Email the New York Times to call out their harmful and inaccurate coverage, using this action tool from Jewish Voice for Peace.

While tweets are helpful, we have been told emails are the most effective way to reach news editors. By sending an email, you can demand truthful reporting that includes the full context of Israel’s ongoing, daily aggression against the Palestinian people.

The reality is that Israel’s apartheid regime is waging an all-out attack against millions of Palestinian people. Israel’s army—one of the most powerful militaries in the world—is surrounding Palestinian cities, trapping hundreds of thousands inside, and then invading to murder Palestinian people in cold blood every single night.

That’s what media outlets like the NYT should be covering.

This is a growing emergency that isn’t getting the attention or context it deserves, in the media or from our elected leaders. Yesterday, President Biden didn’t even mention Palestinians in his media remarks before his meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Biden is completely ignoring Israel’s violence while the U.S. keeps funding it by the billions.

As the Palestinian people resist, we know it’s only a matter of time until we see liberation. Thank you for taking action.