Common Principles

USCPR is a diverse national coalition of hundreds of groups and more than 100,000 individuals working to end all U.S. support for Israel’s military occupation and apartheid policies toward Palestinians.

USCPR endorsed the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) shortly after it was issued in July 2005. Academic and Cultural Boycott were endorsed at the 2009 conference.

In 2006, the US Campaign Assembly overwhelmingly resolved to adopt the language of apartheid and Jim Crow segregation in describing Israeli policies towards Palestinians.

All members of the coalition hold these principles in common:

  • We support a just and lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis based on human rights, international law, equality, and relevant UN resolutions.
  • We oppose U.S. military, diplomatic, financial, corporate, and all other forms of support for Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies toward Palestinians.
  • We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle to achieve freedom from Israeli military occupation, justice for refugees through the implementation of their right of return, full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel, and the right to self-determination.
  • We stand opposed to Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, all forms of racism, and any other expressions of bigotry directed at any person or group. We also reject the charge of anti-Semitism when it is used spuriously to silence legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies and practices.