Coalition Rules & Regulation

The US Campaign is a coalition of groups and organizations – local, state, regional, and national – that have signed on to the Common Principles, thereby committing to work for its principles and purpose collaboratively and in good faith with other Campaign groups.

All members will be put on the Campaign listserv and receive regular information and action alerts. Members are encouraged to contribute to the work of the Campaign by becoming active participants on task forces and committees, and by sharing their events, resources, and experiences through the Campaign website and newsletter.

Groups and organizations that participate in the US Campaign are invited to nominate delegates to the Campaign Assembly and to propose candidates for the Steering Committee. They will make an annual financial contribution on a sliding scale of $100 – $1,000 (plus). Groups that are unable to pay $100/year can contribute $50 or request a waiver of the membership fee from the Steering Committee.

Representatives of organizations or groups that are accredited to the Campaign Assembly will take decisions on Campaign structures and directions.

The Campaign Assembly is composed of delegates from any local, state or regional, or national organization that signs on to the Campaign Call to Action, as follows:

– 2 per local or regional group
– 2 per national organization
– 1 per chapter (branch, affiliate or sub-group) of a national organization

The Campaign Assembly will hold an annual conference each year in order to

* Set overall political direction and priorities for the coming year,
* Review and evaluate the work of the Campaign,
* Elect representatives to the Steering Committee,
* Provide a forum for local and national groups and individuals to network and resource one another.

Decisions will be made by consensus. If this cannot be achieved, decisions will be made by a 2/3 majority of delegates present. Proxy votes are not allowed. A 2/3 majority of all member organizations is needed to amend the Common Principles.

The Steering Committee is the Campaign’s decision-making and implementing body in between the annual conferences. It will have 12 members who will broadly represent the diversity of the United States. Steering Committee members will each serve a three-year term. An individual can serve on the SC for a maximum of nine elected years after which Steering Committee members must take a hiatus of three years before they are eligible to serve again. A person is then eligible to serve another three terms. In the event of a vacancy, the Steering Committee is authorized to fill the slot until the next elections.

Steering Committee members, who may be representatives of member organizations or individuals, are all volunteers and contribute their time, resources and energies to the Campaign. The Steering Committee will be responsible for

* Writing the Campaign by laws
* Decisions regarding strategy and policy between conferences
* Implementation of the work program and services
* Staff recruitment, structure, procedures and supervision; staff members will participate in the work of the Steering Committee on an ex-officio basis.
* Approving the annual budget and financial reports
* Deciding on new proposals and working groups
* Inviting members to serve on the Advisory Board, in consultation with the Campaign Assembly
* Reporting to the Campaign Assembly

The Steering Committee meets at least once a month by conference call and conducts most of its business by email. The Steering Committee has authority over all Campaign resources. It will make decisions by majority of the quorum. Steering Committee minutes and financial updates will be circulated to the Campaign Assembly.

The Advisory Board will be made up of people living in the United States who are recognized for their contribution to peace and justice, human rights, and international law. The Steering Committee will issue the invitations after consultation with the Campaign Assembly. It will circulate a list of proposed invitees to the Board to the Assembly and solicit names of invitees from the Assembly before issuing the invitations. The Advisory Board will assist the Campaign in outreach, fundraising, and other activities to promote its work.

The Campaign Assembly will elect a third of the Steering Committee each year at the annual conference. This will allow for continuity in the Campaign’s work, while providing for representation from member groups. A 3-person nominations committee will be presented to the Campaign Assembly during the first morning of the annual conference. Nominations will be accepted by the Committee up until 10 pm of the 1st day. The list of nominees will be announced to the Assembly the morning of the 2nd day and nominees will have an opportunity to present themselves to participants. Voting will take place during lunch of the 2nd day. The candidates that receive the most votes will fill the vacant slots. The results will be announced during the closing session.