Listen to USCPR Advocacy Director’s interview on ending U.S. military funding to Israel


In a recent episode of The New Arab Voice podcast, USCPR Organizing & Advocacy Director Iman Abid delves into U.S. complicity in Israel’s violence against the Palestinian people, especially in the context of the increasingly fascist and racist new Israeli government.

Every year, the U.S. government uses $3.8 billion of your taxpayer dollars to fuel the Israeli military’s brutal violence, funding the murder and displacement of native Palestinian people. As Iman shares, USCPR was created with the goal to end U.S. military funding to Israel once and for all, and we must fight for that demand.

“If the US wasn’t funding and supporting the military occupation to the extent that it was, I don’t know that it would have the power that it has today.”
Iman Abid, USCPR Organizing & Advocacy Director

Listen to the “Apartheid and Seek” episode now to learn more about U.S. complicity in Israel’s violence and the growing popular support for Palestinian freedom.