A message from Issa Amro, Palestinian human rights activist and founder of Youth Against Settlements:

When I went with US Campaign for Palestinian Rights to Congress this fall, I brought my stories, straight from the Palestinian freedom struggle, to US leaders. I spoke of Muslim and Jewish friends forcibly separated by soldiers as they tried to walk down the street together, of children locked in cells for hours, denied food and their parents, and of Palestinians rising up and marching for our rights, armed with only our resilience and our dignity.

Those are not stories that Israel wants Congress to hear. Both the ugliness of the Israeli occupation and the beauty of our resistance are purposely obscured by Israel. You see, the Israeli occupation regime tries to eliminate Palestinian leaders – especially those of us involved in nonviolence – or at the very least, silence us.

The Israeli occupation tried to shut me down, slapping me with 18 bogus charges for exercising the human right denied to us under occupation: the right to speak out. But with organizations like the US Campaign supporting our struggle, I have been able to raise my voice and speak up where it matters most – in the halls of power in Washington, DC.

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With the US Campaign’s help, I was able to share a Palestinian perspective in meetings with 18 congressional offices. I believe that, in those meetings, I was able to change the hearts and minds that will help one day end our oppression. In a sign of our momentum, 39 Members of Congress have signed historic letters calling for Israel to stop persecuting me – letters that lifted up the entire resistance movement in Palestine, and 20 are sponsoring the first ever bill in Congress that supports Palestinian human rights.

Every American politician who supports justice in Palestine takes us one step closer to ending US support for Israeli abuses.

It is crucial for us, as Palestinians, to have the support of organizations like the US Campaign as we chart our own paths to liberation.

The blank check that the US gives Israel every year to continue our oppression is a major roadblock to ending Israeli apartheid. It will take people like you pursuing strategic boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns, building grassroots power, and amplifying Palestinian voices to finally end the US support that sustains our oppression.

The US Campaign has supported me and my struggle, so now I am asking you to please give back to them. With your help, they can remove the roadblock of US support for apartheid that stands between my people and our path to freedom.


P.S. When you give to the US Campaign you help amplify voices like mine. They need support from people like you and those you know!