Network Gatherings

Deadly Exchange Campaign Teach-In (Open Session)
Saturday Breakfast- Governors 1
One of the most dangerous places where the regimes of Trump and Netanyahu converge is in exchange programs that bring together police, ICE, border patrol, and FBI from the US with soldiers, police, border agents, etc from Israel. In these programs, “worst practices” are shared to promote and extend discriminatory and repressive policing practices that already exist in both countries. The Deadly Exchange campaign was officially launched in April 2017 and is focused on ending these US-Israel police partnerships, with a specific focus on targeting the NCTS and ATS police exchange programs run by the self-described ‘civil rights’ organization, the Anti-Defamation League. Come to this breakfast session to learn more about what is exchanged and the various ways JVP chapters and partners are taking action as part of the nation-wide campaign.

Palestinian (Closed Session)
Saturday Lunch- Kellogg 1
Often in Palestine solidarity spaces, Palestinians are often face either tokenization or identity erasure. Given the abundance of solidarity spaces and the dearth of Palestinian spaces in the US solidarity movement, this network gathering will hold space for active Palestinians to meet, network, strategize, and have conversations that would be difficult to have in an open solidarity space.

Jewish Voice for Peace Strategy Session (Open Session)
Saturday Lunch- State 2
This space is intended to be an opportunity for JVP members to gather, share work, and co-work with members from other chapters. Some structured discussion will occur in focus areas including, but not limited to, the Deadly Exchange campaign, and building organizing power in the Midwest. There will also be opportunities for people of varying levels of involvement with JVP to have more informal engagement with each other in this space..

Trans Identity (Closed Session)
Saturday Lunch- State 3
The Trans Identity Space is a closed network gathering intended for trans, non-binary, and non-cisgender identified individuals in the movement for justice in Palestine. In this space, we will discuss the intersections of trans identity and pro-Palestine/anti-Zionist organizing, figure out what we need from the movement and what the movement needs from us, build community amongst ourselves! This space is intended ONLY for individuals whose identity falls under the trans, non-binary, and non-cisgender umbrellas; no accomplices please!

Amnesty International (Open Session)
Saturday Lunch- Governors 2
For 50 years, Israel has occupied Palestinian land, forcing Palestinians from their homes and illegally using that land to house Israeli settlers and to produce millions of pounds worth of products that are sold around the world, including in US markets. The money made through the trade of goods produced in the settlements allows the settlements to profit and expand. Meet Amnesty International’s Country Specialist Edie Garwood and Case Coordinator Alicia Koutsoulieris as they introduce the Banned Settlement Goods campaign for AIUSA. Learn about the campaign and how you can do your part in educating your community while holding your government and your local merchants accountable.

Queer Palestinian Empowerment Network: Building the Movement (Closed Session)
Sunday Lunch- Kellogg 1
Closed breakout session for LGBTQia2 Palestinians, Arabs, and greater SWANA (Southwest Asian North Afrikan) to discuss community, collectivity, tension, movement, and building for justice. This session is an interactive, exploratory space for connective and constructive discussion, centering specific debates and conversations around identity, community, and building for collective liberation.

Campus Organizing (Open Session)
Sunday Lunch- State 2
Are you planning, thinking of, or involved in a campus campaign? The National Campus Support Team can help you with campaign building and strategy, divestment research, press outreach, legal support, community mobilization, and other resources. Come meet us, learn what we can offer, and tell us what you need. The Campus Support Team is a joint effort of the American Friends Service Committee, Palestinian BDS National Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, National Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestine Legal, SJP-West, American Muslims for Palestine, US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel, and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

Reproductive Justice and Anti-Imperialism: Building Connections for Bodily Autonomy (Open Session)
Sunday Lunch- Governors 1
For liberation and safety in Palestine and in our own bodies! We are joining together organizers interested in or working on reproductive justice issues to dream, learn, and connect in order to break down silos and build solidarity between the movements for Palestinian liberation and reproductive justice. This will be a space to start creating relationships and envisioning how we can build collective power for bodily autonomy for all impacted by US racism – both people in the US facing restrictions to their reproductive freedom and people in Palestine denied autonomy over their bodies and lives by Israeli occupation and apartheid. This caucus is open to conference attendees who are or want to become active in the reproductive justice movement.

Multiracial Identity (Closed Session)
Sunday Lunch- Governors 2
In recognizing the impacts of various interlocking systems of oppression in our everyday lives, our organizing, and our movement, it is crucial to create spaces where we can come together to name and discuss our experiences. This caucus serves as a space for those identifying as mixed race/multiracial to discuss their identity/affinity and how it affects them in their work around Palestinian liberation.