Let’s Show Congress Our #Resistance This August Recess

Show-Congress-Resistance (4)

Even before the official start of the August Congressional recess, Members of Congress started getting unprecedented pushback from their constituents for protecting Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

This month, Members of Congress will be at home holding town halls and constituent meetings. Let’s show them that we #Resist their attempts to criminalize BDS and that we’ll continue advocating for Palestinian rights.

This public #Resistance to the pro-Israel lobby’s agenda is a game-changer because Members of Congress are being forced to reckon with their constituents’ demands for an end to the long-held US policy of backing Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

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Maryland Senator Ben Cardin is one of two original sponsors of the draconian Israel Anti-Boycott Act, the bill that threatens to criminalize BDS activity. His constituents held him accountable at a recent town hall.