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Member Groups

Member Organizations by State
Join a group in your state!
BDS Campaigns Nationwide
Find out what boycotts, divestment, and sanctions campaigns our member groups are working on!
Member Groups in Good Standing for 2016
Find out if your member group paid dues.
Membership Renewal
Renew your group's membership with the US Campaign.
Membership Dues
Pay your member group dues online.
Coalition Expectations
What does it means to become a member group of the US Campaign?
Coalition Rules and Regulations
At the 2nd Annual Conference held in Washington, DC in 2003, members adopted rules for the structure and organization of the US Campaign and its work.
Occupation End Notes
Occupation End Notes was published from 2002-2011 as the US Campaign bi-monthly newsletter to highlight the work of our member groups. You can get updates about our coalition now at blog.endtheoccupation.org.