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Letter from Cindy & Craig Corrie to Stevie Wonder

The following letter was sent to Stevie Wonder on November 28, 2012, and posted here on the Rachel Corrie Foundation website.

Dear Stevie Wonder,

We are heartened by reports that Stevie Wonder has decided not to perform on December 6th for the annual gala of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. We eagerly await his confirmation of this. Throughout his legendary performance career, Stevie Wonder has rightfully been lauded as a global leader for civil rights and social justice. Sadly, the Israel Defense Forces are the machinery with which the Israeli Government has occupied and oppressed the Palestinian people for decades. The death, destruction, confiscation of land, and suppression of basic human rights executed by the Israel Defense Forces do not merit the support of those who yearn for justice, peace, and security for all in the region.

On a personal level, we note that retired Colonel Pinhas (Pinky) Zoaretz serves as the Deputy National Director and Director of Development for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces headquartered in New York City. Zoaretz was the commanding officer of the Israeli military's Gaza Division's Southern Brigade in 2003, when our daughter Rachel, other internationals, and many innocent Palestinians were killed. Zoaretz was also in command as thousands in the area lost their homes in IDF clearing demolitions, carried out, according to Human Rights Watch, largely without military necessity.

We call on all people of conscience to support Stevie Wonder in publicly canceling his performance, and we applaud his stand with those who support human rights, freedom, equality, and security for all in the region.

Cindy and Craig Corrie
Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice