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Twitter Alert! Stevie Wonder, We Just Called to Say, Don't Play for Apartheid!

Here's an awesome Twitter alert developed by member group US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel:


Will you tell Stevie Wonder to cancel his performance for Friends of the Israeli army? We are asking supporters of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) to get the word out and tell Motown musician Stevie Wonder to cancel!

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Stevie: We Just Called to Say, Don't Entertain Apartheid! http://bit.ly/Wuc1ZU #BDS #Palestine cc @motown
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Be the Sunshine of My Life, don't play for apartheid. Ask @motown's Stevie Wonder to cancel! http://bit.ly/Wuc1ZU #BDS
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For the IDF, 'These Three Words' are apartheid, occupation & siege: cancel your gig Stevie! http://bit.ly/Wuc1ZU cc @motown
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Instead of a 'Ribbon in the Sky', Palestinians get bombs. Don't play for the IDF Stevie. http://bit.ly/Wuc1ZU cc @motown
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Don't be a 'Part-Time Lover' of Justice, don't entertain apartheid! http://bit.ly/Wuc1ZU #BDS cc @motown
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Stevie Wonder: 'We are the World'... asking you to cancel your date with apartheid! http://bit.ly/Wuc1ZU #BDS cc @motown
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