Palestine 101


A 101 Course to Understanding Israel’s Oppression of the Palestinian People

Many people are held back from taking a stand on the issue of Palestine/Israel by the common misconception that it is “complicated.” Here, we explain the steady continuation of the more than 100-year-old settler colonial project that is Zionism. Palestine 101: Not That Complicated can help folks both familiar and unfamiliar with the issue understand the ongoing process of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and the legacy of Palestinian resistance to the colonization of their homeland. Make sure to explore the other tracks of the curriculum: Freedom Bound: Resisting Zionism and White Supremacy and Together We Rise.

The sections below offer an introduction to the different topic areas of the Palestinian issue. From the root of the problem (Zionism as a colonial project) to the topic of Palestinian political prisoners, you’ll find resources, videos, and organizations to keep learning from.

Zionism is Colonialism

Israel’s Military Occupation: A Matrix of Control

The Gaza Strip: Blockade & Occupied


Palestinian Refugees

Palestinian Citizens of Israel; Second-Class in Their Own Homeland

Palestinian Political Prisoners

Fact Sheets & Other Resources

Get Involved: Advocacy & Action