Lobbying Congress Tips


Rooting our work in grassroots organizing and building strategic grassroots advocacy all starts with you! Whether you’re in your congressional district at home or making a visit to Washington, DC, congressional staff are there to meet with you and hear your asks, and with persistence, you’ll reach your member of Congress. Start by assembling a a group of constituents, ideally from different groups that you’ve built connections with from basebuilding and coalition building. Check out our Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit to take those first steps, then once you’re ready to lobby, check out our tips below.

Scheduling your Meeting

Setting a Meeting with Congressional Staff

Getting a Meeting with your Member of Congress

Need Support?

Tips for Your Meetings with Members of Congress or Their Staff

Things To Do Before Your Meetings

Things To Do At Your Meeting

Things To Do After Your Meetings

If you are meeting with your member of Congress or their staff, and would like help preparing for the meeting, please contact us and our advocacy staff will follow up.