Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel is a proud member of the US Campaign To End the Israeli Occupation. The US Campaign has been a strong supporter of our work, amplifying our cultural and consumer boycott campaigns by sharing them with the extensive national network that makes up their membership. The US Campaign’s annual conferences have given our members the opportunity to share the experiences of Adalah-NY and learn from and network with Palestinian solidarity activists nationally.

With limited resources, the commitment of the staff and the Steering Committee has ensured that their impact on the Palestinian solidarity movement in the United States has been significant. The US Campaign plays a vital role in bolstering the boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement by maintaining a flow of information, creating opportunities for joint action, and supporting both local and national BDS campaigns.


Adalah-NY - The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel

The City of Berkeley Human Welfare Community Action Commission termination opened many doors and inspired me to continue to be an advocate and resilient in the struggle to free Palestine and bring peace to the Middle East.

The first door opened lead to my participation in the US Campaign to End the Occupation conference. The conference amplified my courage and hope for the world. I was honored and humbled to be in attendance. The feedback received propelled stamina, encouragement, confirmation, endurance and momentum to continue to educate myself and others about Palestine.

The conference provided support, inspired me to consider running as a candidate in an upcoming election to further bring change, which would have never happened without the support that brought me to the conference in the first place. I am thankful, grateful, and respect the work of the US Campaign, which unites organizations throughout the country that support justice, freedom, and equality.


Cheryl Davila -

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and its member organizations are at the very heart of the incredibly exciting development of BDS in the US that has taken place in recent years.

Thanks to their tireless efforts, BDS is approaching a tipping point in the U.S., from university campuses, academic associations and faith communities to national trade unions and even U.S. presidential debates.

The role that the US Campaign and its member groups play in connecting the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality to racial, social, indigenous and economic justice struggles in the U.S. is not just unmistakable. It is inspiring.

The crucial contributions made by US groups to the global BDS campaigns against Veolia, SodaStream, and the arms trade with Israel are testament to the strategic and determined efforts of the US Campaign and its member organizations.

As Palestinians continue to take to the streets and engage in mass popular resistance for dignity and liberation, we are heartened to have strategic partners such as the US Campaign to work with in order to bring to an end the multifaceted U.S. complicity in maintaining Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid. Together, we can prevail.


Palestinian BDS National Committee -

All along the way, the US Campaign to End the Occupation assisted United Church of Christ – Palestine Israel Network to convey a strong and consistent message to the UCC and to our General Synod delegates.

In advance of General Synod, we were guided to convey the content of our Resolution in a timely and strategic manner. We were assisted in gaining endorsements for our Resolution and presenting these endorsements in a persuasive way. At General Synod itself, many previously unknown supporters were identified and brought on board to communicate strong endorsement and to help pass the Resolution. Once the vote took place, we received wise counsel regarding how to move forward with media and how to deal with inevitable push-back.

Perhaps most importantly, US Campaign National Organizer Anna Baltzer encouraged our leadership team to believe we could prevail, to understand we had truly prepared ourselves well, and to maximize our effectiveness in delivering the strong message we felt compelled to convey. Although we did not enter General Synod convinced we would achieve a victorious outcome, Anna’s inspiration and encouragement kept us working together effectively and with strong hearts for the power of our cause. As the days of Synod passed, our confidence continued to grow.

It is a cliche to say, “We could not have done it without them,” but in this case the cliche is accurate. Thank you, Anna Baltzer and US Campaign to End the Occupation.


United Church of Christ - Palestine Israel Network

The US Campaign has been our primary “go-to” organization for guidance in our work to change U.S. policy in Palestine/Israel and promote a just peace with equal rights for all. We could cite many examples of the expert help we have received. Among them are: Josh Ruebner came to Milwaukee and conducted a workshop to help us with our project to ask the Milwaukee City Council to pass a resolution to petition Congress to end military aid to Israel and redirect that money to community needs in Milwaukee.

The materials, including a power point, prepared by the staff provided detailed approaches to developing and executing our plan. Josh has also visited our college campuses to educate young people and the general public on the facts of the occupation. These presentations have served to strengthen campus advocacy through Students for Justice in Palestine groups and helped to solidify the bond we have with these groups.

We rely on the excellent materials the staff prepares on issues pertinent to our work and on the timely alerts for actions to be taken. Working with the US Campaign magnifies the effect of our advocacy. In short, we wouldn’t be nearly as effective without our association with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation!


Joyce Guinn - for Friends of Palestine Wisconsin

It is an honor and always energizing to work in solidarity with the US Campaign staff and their coalition partners, all of whom bring so many resources, strength, and vision to the movement for a just and lasting peace in Palestine/Israel.

The US Campaign has played an invaluable role in amplifying FOSNA’s advocacy and has been crucial in making connections with other groups that have been working in similar directions. We in FOSNA look forward to continuing the struggle with you and urge everyone to join the Campaign, contribute with your advocacy and donations, as we’ll all be stronger by supporting one another during this critical phase of the journey to justice.

Reverend Don Wagner - Friends of Sabeel North America

The US Campaign has played a central role in bringing the issues of Palestinian justice, freedom and equality to the national stage while encouraging and supporting essential grassroots activism. The work of US Campaign staff and Steering Committee members in Ferguson and elsewhere has helped to strengthen critical cross-struggle connections, serving as a model that challenging militarism and racism abroad are incomplete without recognizing and dismantling those systems here at home.

The fabulous 2015 US Campaign conference in Atlanta highlighted this, and it felt like the start of a new, vigorous, and exciting chapter in U.S. civil rights history. US Campaign support was important for Occupation-Free Portland’s city council campaign. Staff helped us with strategy early on, resources to make our case, and we were able to get letters of support from Portland and all over the country, which demonstrated to Portland’s courageous Human Rights Commission that the movement for justice for Palestinians is principled, mainstream, and organized.


Peter Miller - Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights

Launching an international BDS campaign is a daunting task for any organization. But it would have been virtually impossible for a small, all-volunteer group in Vermont with little in the bank and no staff but for the support of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, of which we are a proud member.

The US Campaign offered invaluable and timely assistance in our launch of a campaign to compel Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling, catering and distributing ice cream in Israeli settlements. Their organizers worked closely with us, often on tight deadlines, to hone and format our message and to integrate their website tools with ours to ensure that a broad and diverse audience of activists and concerned citizens received our materials, calls to action and updates. Each step of the way, the US Campaign made sure our priorities and needs were met. Their organizers were genuine partners, and helped put us in touch with other organizations and individuals who could contribute to our cause.

The results were immediate and impressive, so much so that Ben & Jerry’s was compelled to retreat from its official statement that it could not meet with VTJP given our demands. In a matter of days after the campaign launched, thousands had signed our petition (set up by the US Campaign) to the company and many hundreds had e-mailed its CEO. Organizations in the U.S., Great Britain, Europe, Australia, Palestine/Israel endorsed our efforts. The US Campaign helped make our first Day of Action a success with activists in four locations across the U.S. joining us for a leafleting protest at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops on “Free Cone Day.”

VTJP has a long road ahead in its dealings with Ben & Jerry’s, but we have a solid foundation and allies because of the US Campaign’s organizing model, which is based on principles of mutual aid and solidarity. If you’re a tiny group like us, and don’t think you can contribute significantly to the BDS movement, think again. And the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation will do all it can to help you do it.


Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel -

The staff with the US Campaign has always been enthusiastic about supporting MN Break the Bond’s work by offering us tools for global networking and media coverage. As a result of the US Campaign’s membership network and the staff’s national and international relationships, they were able to mobilize organizations 10 times more than we could have to support our work in a critical moment.

Within 24 hours, their support enabled us to send a boycott letter to the MN Timberwolves with 112 organizational endorsements. In addition, their publicity increased our visibility by over 700%. Thank you US Campaign! You strengthen our work and continue to connect us with the larger Palestine solidarity movement in empowering ways.

Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign -

In so many ways, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has been the center and the mainstay of the justice for Palestine movement in the United States. It has led the way in keeping its members educated and effective with respect to nonviolent direct action campaigns. Its website offers one of the the most comprehensive set of tools available for activism in our movement. From its beginnings, the US Campaign has had as part of its mission bringing together the wide and ever expanding range of organizations and constituencies committed to the struggle for human rights for Palestinians.

As Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith groups have joined the struggle in increasing numbers, the US Campaign has worked tirelessly to support their efforts and to help forge alliances with secular groups. The US Campaign’s work with the church community in particular over the years has been innovative and truly supportive of the church’s increasingly crucial role on a national as well as global level. As a movement to mobilize and unite the U.S. church in the struggle for a just peace, Kairos USA shares the US Campaign’s commitment to this convening role and considers it a key partner. We have been proud to be members since our founding in 2011, and look forward to the work ahead.


Kairos USA -

In August 2012, the Church of Reconciliation formed a coalition with other community groups in the Chapel Hill area, and joined the national ad campaign calling for building peace with justice and equality and ending US military aid to Israel. We purchased ad space in the entire fleet of Chapel Hill-Carrboro buses for one year, and posted the ads with great excitement. We encountered the usual charges of anti-Semitism and advocating the delegitimization of Israel, and even experienced the vandalism of our church property. We also faced censorship from the Town Council. The community response was generally positive and the ACLU came to our defense in keeping the ads posted on the buses.

Our main contact with the Campaign has been Josh Ruebner, and he has been a great help to us. We have worked through the design and formatting of the ad itself, coordinated our local efforts with the national campaign, co-crafting email notices to the Chapel Hill-Durham portion of the Campaign’s database, and thinking through strategy. Josh has done a beautiful job of articulating the mission of the national Campaign, following the unfolding details of our local campaign, and offering support and guidance at every turn. His assistance has been invaluable. I’ve found Josh to be thoroughly well-informed on the issues, skilled in recognizing the unique tone and style of our particular local situation, and great to work with — smart, savvy, funny, and supportive.We look forward to our continuing partnership with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation!


Rev. J. Mark Davidson - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC

DelNATO (Delaware Neighbors Against The Occupation) is honored to be a coalition member of the US Campaign. In the fall of 2015 the New Castle County Council was presented with a proposed anti-BDS ordinance. The ordinance would have forced the county pension board to divest from firms which boycott Israel or companies located in illegal Israeli settlements.  DelNATO quickly wrote to the pension board, which voted to table the ordinance for a month.

After reaching out to the US Campaign, we immediately received guidance, resources, tools, and critical help in setting up our campaign to stop the ordinance.  Subsequently, the ordinance did not pass the pension board and was withdrawn from consideration at the county council in January 2016.  We were greatly helped in this successful outcome by the vital assistance and talents of the US Campaign. The US Campaign’s unwavering commitment to human rights, justice, freedom and equality for the Palestinian struggle is a gift to all of us members. Thank you US Campaign for being a stalwart for humanity.


DelNATO - Delaware Neighbors Against the Occupation