Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit:
Taking People Power to Congress

This grassroots advocacy kit will equip you to move Congress in the direction of supporting Palestinian rights. Your people power makes the change!

In the face of ongoing oppression in the US and Palestine, the situation is urgent and people of conscience are moving to action. Right now, the response from our policymakers is to be largely complicit in Israeli oppression and the perpetuation of the separate-and-unequal apartheid status quo. It’s on us, as people of conscience, to generate long-term momentum for campaigns whose discourse and goals push towards freedom, justice, and equality. At USCPR, we ground our approach to building justice for all in the strategic wisdom and deep ethic of building a united, cross-community progressive front against oppression.

Rooting our work in grassroots organizing and building strategic grassroots advocacy starts with you! This grassroots advocacy kit will equip you with the tools you need to move your members of Congress towards supporting Palestinian rights.

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