2017 Commemorations


Enough! Week of Action June 5-10!

2017 marks 10 years of Israel’s blockade of Gaza50 years of Israel’s military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem; 70 years since the Nakba and ethnic cleansing of Palestine began following the partition of the land against the will of the indigenous people; and 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, which set the stage for the Zionist movement to colonize Palestine and later to establish a Jewish state.

During the June 5-10 week of action, from coast to coast, in the midwest, and in the south, groups were #Marking50, calling for an end to Israel’s occupation and all forms of its ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine as part of a commitment to justice for all Palestinians, whether in historic Palestine or in exile.

Read our report on the week here. 

Israel’s actions since 1967 make clear that the occupation was never meant to be temporary. It is not an aberration. It is the latest extension of Israel’s ethnic cleansing and subjugation of Palestinians, which continues to this day.

The week of action was a response to a call from Palestinians to send a clear message: Enough is enough and Israel must end all its oppression of Palestinians for freedom, justice, and equality to prevail.

  • Here’s a media toolkit from the Institute for Middle East Understanding on messaging, making your own media, and writing press releases.
  • Set up a meeting with the editorial board of your local media outlet to discuss their coverage of the issue.
  • Reach out to local reporters to suggest story ideas to humanize the occupation after 50 years
  • Submit op/eds to be published during week of action.
  • Create your own media with videos, blogs, facebook live coverage of actions, and more
  • Check out this media kit (Jewish Voice for Peace) for tips on editorial board meetings, op-eds and letters to the editor, getting coverage of actions, and self documentation on social media.
  • Share and post on social media facts, pictures, video, and graphics about Palestine the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality. Use #Marking50.
  • Stay tuned for more actions to take on social mediaJoin the Facebook event page to get updates!

Some actions to consider:

  • Mass demonstration
  • Flash mob
  • Mock wall
  • Mock checkpoint
  • Guerilla street theater
  • Die-in
  • Use your creative imaginations to think of many other approaches…

Locations to consider:

  • Israeli Consulates
  • Friends of the Israel Defense Forces galas
  • “Celebrate Israel” parades
  • Congressional District Offices
  • Jewish National Fund offices
  • IRS offices
  • Stores that sell boycotted products
  • The International Defense & HLS Expo, the largest defense and security event in Israel, is being held in Tel Aviv June 6-8. Plan actions at the local offices and factories of the companies profiting off of arming the occupation. Member group War Resisters League has compiled a list of US arms dealers that will be attending to exhibit their weapons.
  • Tell your Members of Congress to attend Defense for Children International – Palestine and American Friends Service Committee briefing, “50 years under Israeli military occupation: A look at Palestinian children’s rights.”
  • Organize a Briefing Watch Gathering! Check out this how to flyer from the No Way to Treat a Child Campaign.
  • Tell your members of Congress to oppose resolutions supporting 50 years of Israel’s military occupation of East Jerusalem.
  • Poster from member group Friends of Sabeel-North America. Click on the image to download the file.

Get Connected! Use the form below to register your action. We’ll be in touch with resources you can use! We’ll make sure your action is on the map and to connect groups organizing actions. The earlier you can share information, the more time we will have to support and promote it.

We are providing extra resources and more to support USCPR member groups holding actions. Contact ramah@uscpr.org for more information.